Audio Engineering Schools in Georgia

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Georgia has a decent amount of audio production schools for its size. If you are planning on attending school to become an audio engineer you will have a a handful of quality schools to choose from.

Those who are already working in music, but wish to further their audio engineering skills, you may prefer the long distance learning opportunities.

Featured Georgia Audio Programs

The Art Institutes

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  • Audio Production (BS)

Your creativity is a big part of who you are and where you’re going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an education that’s focused on developing your talents and putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination.

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ProMedia Training

677 Antone Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318 United States Tel: 888-277-0457

ProMedia Training Atlanta has much to offer those who want to obtain the skills required to work in the audio industry. They have several packages that students can choose from that will allow them to learn everything or specialize in a specific area. You will learn the principles of sound, music theory, ProTools, ADR, and music business, along with several other subjects.

These points are just what you will learn in their audio professional program and doesn’t include anything listed in the other programs. Some of the other packages offered there are the ProTools Core package, and the Operator & Music Production Package that includes ProTools operator certification preparation. The school also offers individual courses for those who may just need training in a specific area. [*]

SAE Insitute of Technology

215 Peachtree Street NW, #300 Atlanta, GA 30303 United States Tel: 404-526-9366

SAE Georgia offers students the opportunity to take part in their audio technology program which is a 900 hour program that includes 360 hours of in-studio time where you will be able to put to use the skills you learned about in the classroom.

Unlike other schools, students are encouraged to make use of the studio’s and practice as much as possible, for free! In addition, the school has a great job placement program that can help you get your foot in the door. [*]

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah, GA 31402-3146 United States Tel: 912-525-8541

Savannah College of Art & Design has a one of a kind sound design program that will help you learn the skills needed to work in the career of your dreams. As a prospective student, you can choose from three different degree programs; Bachelor of fine arts, Master of arts, or Master of fine arts.

All three programs will help you get the education required to work in the audio field. As a student you will have the opportunity to obtain your Avid and ProTools post production certifications as part of their programs. [*]

Working as an Audio Engineer in Georgia

The cost of living in Georgia is lower than the national average by 3.57%. This is great for those who don’t wish to pay a high amount of money just to survive. Plus, cities like Atlanta have a lot to offer.

It also means that if you have an above average income, you will have more money to invest and save.

Audio Training in Georgia

The average annual salary in Georgia is approximately $37,000 and is ranked # 50 out of all of the United States. That means they have the lowest annual salary of any state.

The average annual income for an audio engineer in the state of Georgia is around $69,000 per year. This is more than double for the average person in Georgia.

This means as an audio engineer you can make a good living, and have plenty left over for savings and investments.